10 June 2014

Colorful Live Model Figure Sketch

To inquire about this piece, leave a comment or contact the artist directly at the link in this post. If all else fails, email txsauce@txsauce.net and your inquiry will be forwarded to the artist.

Figure Sketch of Live Model
pencil and ink on Bristol Plate 2 Ply paper
11 L x 9 W inches

Last week I attended a live model figurative lab, first time I've done that in years. I came away inspired! All drawings were in 5 minute or 15 minute time spans. The image below is one of my 15 minute sketches. The model sat on a stool and leaned forward with her chin slightly tilted upward, eyes down. This pose created some foreshortening in the face arms and legs. Her left leg (on our right) was partially covered by fabric. I didn't bother to render the stool since my focus was on the figure. Great fun!

Contact Vernita here.