04 March 2014

The Road Ahead through the Piney Woods

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The Road Ahead
© Vernita Bridges Hoyt 2014
watercolor on paper, Arches 140 lb. cp
11 x 14 inches

My paintings nearly always show an event or a day from my life. 

On our last drive through the pasture to look at cows, Dad wanted to drive through the woods to the back side of the farm. We did. What appears to be a curve in the road ahead is actually a small pond. The road curves left, then right, and narrows as it crosses the dam of the pond. Dad chuckled as I maneuvered the Jeep across that narrow dam. Good memories. 

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  1. Good memories and nice painting, makes me want to stroll up the road.

    1. Thank you, Leada. Yes, the memories are good. I've taken many a drive or walk down that road. I love those Piney Woods of East Texas!

  2. Nice painting. Like your loose technique