10 September 2015

Whimsical Boxer Puppy in Graduation Cap by Vernita Hoyt

Puppy School Graduate

Whimsical Sketchbook Art © Vernita Bridges Hoyt 2015

Boxer Series #1: Puppy School Grad
Daily sketching or drawing is known to improve an artist's skills. Over the past several years I had fallen away from daily sketching, but recently I picked up the sketchbook again. What better place to start than with an ink line sketch of the boxer pup. Sketching has begun. Where will it take me? Thor was not happy at all wearing the graduation cap for his puppy school grad picture, but he was (and is) such a good boy that he wore the cap for a minute or two, long enough for pictures. I used a photo reference for the freehand sketch of Thor puppy and applied a little artistic license to make the his brown eyes blue. This is the first sketch of many to come from my newly revived daily sketch routine.

Boxer Puppy School Grad, wc & ink on 100 lb. paper 8x5 in.
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