17 June 2014

Live Model Figure Sketch in Pastel Pencil

To inquire about this piece, leave a comment or contact the artist directly at the link in this post. If all else fails, email txsauce@txsauce.net and your inquiry will be forwarded to the artist.

Another live model figure sketch of Josianne, completed in 15 minutes:

15 Minute Sketch #2 of Live Model
pastel pencil on Bristol Plate 2-ply paper
12 L x 9 W inches

This is actually sketch #2 in the order completed. I like the purple and dark brown coloration of this one and the simplicity of focus on the figure, not the dress. The legs of the stool are sketched in lightly to connect the figure to the floor. I positioned this figure to the right of the paper to emphasize the model's gaze. What is she looking at?

Suggested mat color: dark umber (brown) to relate to colors used in the sketch. 

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