14 September 2015

Parrot Sketch

Parrot Sketch
7" x 5"
Graphite on paper

On a recent trip to the Abilene, Texas zoo, I took photographs of their parrots and made a sketch, using one of the photos as reference. The colors are brilliant blue and yellow-gold. My plan is to make a small acrylic painting of this bird and use a bit of artistic license with the colors. Our local art show is having its yearly open show soon and one category is mini-art. When our group has a mini category, a color is assigned and the work must be predominantly that color. This year it is turquoise, which isn't too far off from the color of the parrot, so I decided to try painting this one turquoise and add turquoise to the background as well. This will be my first work done in acrylics and I have been spending time playing with them on a canvas pad. This piece may never work out in acrylic, but it will be a fun experiment and I should learn a lot about how to handle the medium. If it works out, I will be sure and post the finished painting.

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