18 May 2015

Indian Pottery watercolor

Indian Pot
Watercolor on board
Approx. 8"x 8"

About three years ago, I took a class in watercolor from local artist/teacher Ginger Test. She had photos of old Indian pots that we used in class. She used these to teach us to show texture and roundness. I think I got the texture part down but now so sure about the roundness part! She also showed us how to do an interesting background using plastic wrap and pooled watercolors. It was a fun class.

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  1. Oh wow! I have painted this pot...I also use to take classes from Ginger in Sweetwater. Small world! I was wondering the other day if she was still teaching. I always loved her and her classes. I really like your pot, I sold mine to a lady in Midland. Guess I will have to paint another one some time. You inspired me!

    1. It really is a small world, Leada! Ginger still teaches classes in Coleman, Abilene and San Angelo, maybe other places too, I am not sure. I wish I had her energy, don't see how she does it. Glad you like my rendition of "our" pot! There will be another in my posting on Monday.