11 April 2015

Transparent Watercolor of a white horse by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

This painting was begun in Joesph Fettings class a couple of Weeks ago and was finished in my studio Wednesday. Mr Fettings is a very informative teacher and covers all the whys of what you are painting. I thoroughly enjoyed the mini workshop and would have loved to had two more days. He said that this was his last trip to Texas but I sure hope not! He needs to continue teaching and traveling, we need him in Texas. We are so remote where I live there are not master painters around to teach. I usually end up driving 2 to 7 hours, one way, to a quality workshop with a master painter. Oh the things we do for art! I would like to thank the Signature art gallery in San Angelo for hosting the workshops. It was such a pleasant experience and fun! I will be anxiously awaiting their next workshop . Have a great weekend!