30 March 2015

"Spring Fawn"
10" x 8"
I did this for my first grandchild's bedroom, not long after he was born. I was lucky to get some good fawn photos through the window of our house, so had a good reference.  The deer come very close quite often. It is one thing I love about living way out in the country. We can see so much wildlife and bird life too, just by looking out the windows.

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  1. Linda, this deer fawn is beautifully painted. I would love to see more watercolor from you. Terrific painting. Your grandchild must have loved having this from his granny.

    1. Once again, I write something here and it disappears.
      Thank you very much, Nita. Your compliment means a lot to me. I do need to get back to doing watercolor, which I left behind to work on my drawing basics.

  2. Hmmm …. I don't know why your comments are disappearing. I am seeing them. The blogs are set up for comment approval on people who have not commented previously just to check for robots, etc., but they should be posting your comments with no problem. I do see yours. That said, your watercolors and your drawings are both superb!