22 October 2014

WIP Commission by Debbie Cannatella

Madi and Sam
22"x30" transparent watercolor
work in progress

I mentioned I was bogged down with commissions, and when that happens, its hard for me to paint 'just for myself'.  My full sheet commissions usually take place slowly as I paint in layers, letting it dry fully between each. This piece is a commission I'm currently working on. I sketch out the subjects then mask the children so that I can lay in the water behind them without breaking color and value. Once I get the lake and shore pretty much the way I want, I remove the masking. The surf will be painted toward the end. I'm sure I will continue to work on details of the water, etc, but don't need the forms blocked out to do that. I then lay in the main subjects. I won't go very detailed with strong color in the background, because the painting isn't about the background. I like to get the figures about 75% blocked in, then will detail out the rest at the very end. I will post the final product once its completed.