03 July 2014

Torn Paper collage Workshop in Plains

To inquire about this piece, leave a comment or contact the artist directly at the link in this post. If all else fails, email txsauce@txsauce.net and your inquiry will be forwarded to the artist.

I had a cancellation for the July 25-26th Collage workshop and have two spots left. It will be in my new studio in my backyard.
It is all day both days.  The cost is $40 per day.($80 total) If you are interested, email me.
For my workshops I furnish a drawing for the first day, and on the second day, I like for you to  use your own idea. If you want you can use something I have.  We normally start with a cup cake, or cup. I also have magazines. The supply list is on the side bar if you are interested in coming.
There is a motel in Denver city, 15 miles away, and a new Holiday Inn 30 miles away in Brownfield.
The  B and B here is full.