18 July 2014

Sketchbook Skool by Leada Wood

To inquire about this piece, leave a comment or contact the artist directly at the link in this post. If all else fails, email txsauce@txsauce.net and your inquiry will be forwarded to the artist.

Week two of Sketchbook Skool was drawing selfies. Over 700 artists from all over the world banned together with mirror in one hand and pencil and sketch book in the other to study and draw their faces. We drew some quickly, we drew some with continuous line, some we drew from photos...we drew and drew and drew! We tried out our pens and markers, pencils, watercolor and whatever else caught our eye. We drew not to have an exact likeness but to capture a moment in time, a rendering. After all that is what art is about...putting your emotions on paper or canvas for all the world to see. It was a fun week as I was drawn to the mirror time and time again. Here are a few of my renderings.