12 July 2014

Sketchbook Skool by Leada Wood

I am joining with artists from around the world, around 700 of us I think, in spending more time in our sketchbooks. For six weeks we will be sketching everyday with a different instructor every week. Danny Gregory was the first week's teacher and he had us drawing toast! The purpose of the class is to SEE. Truthfully I never really looked at toast...there is a whole galaxy there...you could become lost in space!

Danny's next lesson was fast and slow. We quickly painted with our brushes, one minute, the object of our choice and then really slowed down and drew the object. You can see where the first observation with the brush wasn't the way I saw when I slowed down with my pen...but I was close! No erasers in this class...you just go with the flow. I painted and drew several observations but this was one of my favorites. I hope you enjoyed seeing what was in my sketchbook. Have a wonderful weekend!