13 March 2014

Time to Party!

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The summer that Keri and I got hung up in Memphis due to a weather delay, so we went down to Beale Street. We had Bar-b-q on the patio...THEN, we were scared to death by a zombie march! We had never seen anything like it! What a shock to be eating and all this start marching by. We went into some little shops and I found this wall hanging and took a photo of it.

I painted it a while ago and didn't like it so In preparation for a demo, I got it out, and collaged part of it.  I left the bottom below the instruments just watercolor and some of the piano keys. It will have to be framed because it is on watercolor paper. I will go ahead and put it under plexi too. 

I am doing a demo in Portales NM Monday the 17th. If you are close, come for a visit!
I am teaching a 2 day workshop here in Plains March 28-29, if interested email me.