29 March 2014

Shadow Of The Moon, by Leada Wood

The Shadow Of The Moon is 22x28 acrylic on paper. I used a 3x3 skin that I was drawn to and in a landscape format. I then painted alla prima onto the paper in 8 minutes, no drawing and then spritzed the paper and let the paint work it's magic. This was a technique learned last week in Douglas Walton's workshop. The more untouched the painting the more soul and spirt it has. This painting was completely untouched except I added a small moon and halo to complete it. Most artist tend to overwork the painting creating muddy colors.  It was a fun workshop and we learned so many interesting techniques. It's a fun way to paint a landscape and you get very interesting effects every time. Some had to work really hard to get theirs to work. I was fortunate and had beginners luck!

                                   Shadow Of The Moon by Leada Wood, copyright 2014
                                     This painting is available , please contact if interested.

                        #abstracted landscape, #alla prima soulful art,#contemporary art