13 February 2014


To inquire about this piece, leave a comment. Just click on the blue "comment" text in the lower right corner. Or you can contact the artist directly at the link in this post.

This is a torn paper collage, on stretched canvas.  I love doing these collages, they can be addictive!
This is 18x24 and the edges are finished, It doesn't have to be framed.  It is available and you can contact me if interested.  suzy_pal2000@yahoo.com


  1. Suzy, your collage pieces are so wonderful. I never knew how much until I saw up close the sunflower collage you did for me last year. Wow! Everybody needs to see your collage art up close in real life. P.S. Yesterday comments didn't show in your post. Now they are showing. Maybe from now on, comments will be there automatically.

  2. thanks Vernita! I went back to this post and added this, and updated so maybe it will work each time.