12 February 2014

I Got This, Ma!

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 I Got This, Ma!©
by Debbie Cannatella
30"x22" Transparent Watercolor
38"x22" Matted and Framed

I had every intention of posting first thing this morning but my gallery was packed with people today and I couldn't break away. I chose this painting today because it was selected for the 37th  Southern Watercolor Society National Exhibition to be held this year in the state of Texas. Each year, the exhibition is held in one of the 18 states in its region, so the exhibition won't be back here for another 18 years! The opening reception is held at the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center in Kerrville, Texas on April 12th. 

I lucked into visiting the San Antonio Zoo during fledgling season when hundreds of cattle egrets were nesting in the tree tops with their babies. I must have watched them for an hour, sketching and making notes about their behavior. This piece will be available at the SW Exhibition for sale.

Giclee prints are available for this piece. For prices or for more works or to contact me directly, view the website for my STUDIO or my GALLERY.


  1. Debbie, this is a beautiful painting! I am so glad to see this. Congratulations on the painting being selected for the 37th Southern Watercolor Society National Exhibition. This honor was well deserved! I am marking the date of April 12th on my calendar. If at all possible, I will make a trip to Kerrville to view this exhibit. You amaze me with your abundant energy. Go, Debbie!

  2. I just checked out your Studio C Gallery link. Very nice!